Customer Complaint Procedure

In order for your concerns to be addressed as efficiently as possible, we would ask that you raise your complaint in writing to the member of staff that you are in direct contact with. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt. The person in receipt of the complaint will aim to rectify your concerns within 3 working days of the complaint being made.

If your complaint hasn't been resolved within 3 working days, it will be escalated to the Department Manager who will aim to resolve your complaint within 10 working days of the original complaint. If your complaint remains unresolved then it will be escalated to the Office Manager.

If the Office Manager is still unable to resolve your complaint within 13 working days of original complaint then it will be escalated to a Director.

The Director will acknowledge your complaint on the date that the complaint is passed to them. The Director will aim to rectify the problem to a satisfactory outcome within 2 working days of them receiving the complaint.

Your complaint should be dealt with within 15 working days of the original complaint, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

We are Members of The Property Ombudsman

If your complaint still remains unresolved then it can be escalated to The Property Ombudsman.

Further information about The Property Ombudsman can be found on their Consumer Guide.